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36 mn ~ 120 mn
36 mn ~ 120 mn

Camp “Arenas Negras” 4.3

Camp “Arenas Negras”
Highway Bibijagua km 8 ½

Camp “Arenas Negras”

Services: It offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, only to the people staying in the place but it has a bar and a café for those people who come to enjoy the beach and the camp services for the day.

Options: It includes parking, TV (only inside the cabins and at the bar) and recorded music.



1- All the cabins include air-conditioning, TV and minibar.

2- The camp rents board games like chess, checkers, etc... but also basketballs, sunbeds, and tents.

8:00am – 8:00pm
150 personas
Target Audience


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