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Taxi Ricardo 4.5

Taxi Ricardo
Highway Siguanea # 124 Patria

Taxi Ricardo - Punctual and quality service

The service is available 24 hours a day, the 7 days of the week. It is punctual and efficient and you can be picked up wherever you are. A full time chauffeur service is also offered. If you wish to get somewhere on time, don’t hesitate to give us a call and you’ll be pleased. The car has got excellent conditions with a capacity of 4 people and also with good music.


24 Hours

4 personas
Prices list

Airport to Nueva Gerona : 5 CUC

Airport to Santa Fe : 10 CUC

Airport to La Demajagua : 10 CUC

Airport to Hote Colony : 30 CUC

Nueva Gerona to La Fe : 10 CUC

Nueva Gerona to La Demajagua : 10 CUC

Nueva Gerona to Hotel Colony : 30 CUC

Nueva Gerona to Presidio : 3 CUC

Nueva Gerona to Minin : 4 CUC

Nueva Gerona to Bibijagua : 5 CUC

Nueva Gerona to Cocodrilera : 24 CUC

Nueva Gerona To Caolin : 8 CUC

Nueva Gerona to Museo el Abra : 2 CUC

Nueva Gerona to Restaurante Abra : 5 CUC

Interno Gerona : 0.65 (km) CUC

Cañada : 15 CUC



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